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Property dimension: 810 m

Commercial spaces: 2
Levels: 4

This house was designed thinking of those who enjoy the practical things of life. Since the dominant color of the 14 rooms, the white, each one assures pleasant rest, through a combination of details that are an invitation to stay. The decor is simple and clean, incorporating elements characteristic of Panamanian environment, including remnants of the local culture, which are windows to the society, history and geography of the country. For the owner, Casco Viejo not only embodies the hotel philosophy of finding art everywhere you look, it also represents a fundamental part of Panama’s history. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Casco Viejo displays a mixture of architectural styles and reflects upon Panama’s cultural and artistic diversity. All of life’s simple pleasures surround the hotel property and we know that you will love its location as much as the owner does.

Property Strengths
> Location
> Very good exposure
> Good transportation system
> Very safe and secure area
> Excellent demographics

Price: $3,000,000.00

Contact us:  Cel.: +503 78547911

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